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The orange, the bad, and the mentally challenged

After over a year of not having been updated, the Wal-Mart Cart Crew page will soon be up and running once again. Coming soon will be new biographies of the past and present Elite Members of the Cart Crew. Plus new pics of the 98's. And yes, what you all have been asking for... updates to the POA club! Also watch for the upcoming "Where are they now?" page to keep track of former 98s. So be checking back frequently for new updates.

On every Wal-Mart parking lot, there are a few brave souls, known as 98s to the rest of the store, who fight the never-ending battle--retrieving shopping carts. Braving storms, heat, cars, and three day old Gatorade®, these young men handle it all to get the customers what they want--a shopping cart. One store, Wal-Mart store #0766 in Florence, has a special cart crew. Coming from every walks of life and culture, these guys contain the love of the lot within them. Each day is a new adventure and these brave souls are willing to face it. They are the proud, the few, the

Wal-Mart Cart Crew.

This site is chock full of fascinating cart crew stuff. Be sure to check all of it out. Sign the guestbook while you are at it!

This site is dedicated to cart crew members past and present everywhere. We salute you!


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