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98 stuff

Updated 8/1/2003

The correct way to push buggies:   Actually, there is no correct way. Each person has his or her own style. Individualism is stressed on the Lot. This is just a lesson for first-time buggy pushers. Extend arms as much as possible, and push from the legs. Very simple, yet effective. So get to practicing, civilians, and just maybe you will one day be as good as us. Here is an example:


Ok, there are many things wrong with this picture. Obviously the guy is not a member of the #0766 cart crew because he is straining too much. The #0766 cart crew members would have no trouble with this load. The second thing is that his arms are not extended. This makes a BIG difference people.

Now that  is how you do it.

Some of the eventful things that have happened on the lot:

Consipiracies/Diseases against the Cart Crew:  There are two serious diseases common to the 98s--the 98 Affliction and the Stripes.

The 98 Affliction: Troublesome to say the least. The only cure is cornstarch, preferably Argo Cornstarch. The U.S government is currently conducting a scientific study against Wal-Mart to see why 98s, even when they have quit Wal-Mart, still receive the 98 Affliction. Samples from buggies and Gatorade® have been taken and are currently being tested. Although Wal-Mart emphasizes that they did not allow the Cart Crew to be in the presence of chemicals or the like of and claims no responsibility for the disease, the 98s, past and present, and the 98s' families want answers. This disease is usually brought about by hot weather and blue jean shorts.

The Stripes: This disease causes mysterious horizontal lines across your shorts. No one knows what causes The Stripes.

98 Lingo and definitions:  These are a few terms/words that the 98s have been known to use.

The 98 Parking Lot: The Elite 98s had designated a section of the Associates' Parking Lot as the "98 Parking Lot". The only requirements needed to park there are to be a member of the 98 Elite, and to take up at least 4 parking spaces.(Preferably 6 spaces.)  The parking lot was disassembled after all the managers started threatening to tow our cars.

The Sports 98s play: Even though the Cart Crew has an extremely hard job, they find the time to have fun. Below are listed a few of the sports 98s play.

(Coming soon will be Victor Friar's and recipe's form of "gatorade") 12/1/00

Tim McCravy's Gatorade Recipe: Tim was well-known as the best Gatorade mixer the lot had ever known. Here is his recipe:


Joel Peeples's Strawberry Drink Recipe:  Joel got his idea from Jeremy Risner's recipe of mixing any three drinks from the Kool-Aid shelf.