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Page 3

This has to be the most disgusting this ever to be found on the lot.

This is the average amount of trash that we get of carts every Saturday.  Also very disgusting.

David's reaction to a cart attacking his car.

David showing off his beautiful teeth.

Cobb and Bean knock over a light pole.  They proabbly got their superhuman strength from one of Victor's crazy drink mixes.

Steeurt and Joel goofing around.

Jordan is apparently scared of cameras.

Randall is big pimpin' in his new electric cart.

Brandon Vickers shows us how to really damage a car.  This car was hit with about 21 carts that came off of the cart mule line.

A closer look at the damage Brandon did on his first night.

Let's zoom way in.  Oh yeah, that dent isn't just gonna get pulled out.

I bet this car gets great reception.

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