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Michael Lynn Danley, affectionately called the "Big Monkey" by those of us who knew him best, was without a doubt the wildest of our group of 98s when he was off the lot. Among his favorite hobbies were rolling (tee-peeing, for you northerners) lawns and drive by shootings with water guns, both of which he excelled at. I distinctly remember one particular night when he, Jamie King, and I were all out riding around with a super-soaker 3000. (Vic was with us too, although in a separate car). Anyway, we got the idea that it would be funny to drive up and shoot a group of hillbillies hanging out at the local Food World parking lot. Anyway, after committing our crime, the "victims" gave chase and Jamie (who has often been lampooned for his total lack of a sense of direction) turned down a dead end street. The rednecks (about 10 of them) then blocked the road, approached the car, and removed the screw-on antenna and began lashing Jamie's car. It was at this point that Michael, who (unlike Jamie and me) was a veteran at this type of mischief, pointed out an escape pathway through the lawns.*  On the lot, however, Mike tended to be a little more timid in his behavior. Really the only serious trouble I remember him getting into
was when he was nearly fired for using the forklift to push shopping carts within days after he was licensed to drive it. He left Wal-Mart on good terms, and ironically for the king of teenage mischief, is now attending the Police Academy for the city of Huntsville, Alabama.

* Vic escaped, passing before our car turned and traveling in excess
of 120 mph up the two-lane highway out of town.

Biography by:  Tim McCravy