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Vic Dura is without a doubt the greatest 98 to ever serve at this Wal-Mart or Any. He actually began his career in 1996 at The Wal-Mart in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, from where he was sent(1) to the Florence, Alabama, Wal-Mart, because it was closer to his home.  Vic actually received a good pre-Wal-Mart education. He began high-school at a local elite private school run by a fundamentalist Christian denomination, from where he was booted when it was discovered that Satan actually worshipped HIM!  His 98 escapades are far too numerous to cite all of them here, but it is without a doubt ironic that he was fired for swiping a $0.33 doughnut. I myself remember one occasion when we were clearing the lot with the "Death Mobile"(Vic's Toyota wagon). He was in the back driving and I was in the front guiding the 160 shopping carts between
us, when he decided to gun his car (and the carts) and proceeded to nearly kill me in the process of slamming all 160 carts the emergency fire door.    Vic was also quite adept at thinking on his feet, which was evident minutes later as he described to the management how a wild drunken motorist had rammed the fire door then fled the scene nearly causing three accidents on the way out! Vic, the reigning KING of the 98s, will truly never be forgotten by either his co-workers or the management of
store #0766.

(1) "exiled" is probably more appropriate

By Tim McCravy