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Though Vic may be our King and Jamie our conscience, Jason Isbell is definitely our founding father. His time at Wal-Mart ended before we really began to recognize the love of the lot, but it still extended to him. Like Jamie and I, he graduated from Rogers High School and worked as a cart pusher is senior year and the summer thereafter. Jason Was the one who first coined many of the phrases so central to our vocabulary, like "buggy (shopping cart) suicide", "pow-wow", "the bird seed lady", and many others. Jason was probably the most brilliant person ever to don the orange vest, and his quick wit and sharp tongue gave him both many enemies and many friends. Jason left Wal-Mart and is currently working on an English degree at the University of Memphis. I look forward to reading his replies to these biographies (as I am too lazy to proofread them).

Biography by:  Tim McCravy