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Jamie King, the 98 most beloved by the management at Wal-Mart, graduated Rogers High School in 1998. The year before that he took up pushing shopping carts at Wal-Mart, thus forever corrupting is mind. Jamie was often the conscience on the lot, restraining Vic's mischief and keeping us out of trouble. Though definitely timid, Jamie has shown himself to be quite a comedian both on and off the lot, and seems to lack the part of the brain in the rest of us that causes embarrassment. Whether
walking through Wal-mart wearing a straw hat loudly singing 1950s country songs, or posing as everything from a homeless man to a blatant homosexual hanging out in parks for amateur videos, he was always good for a laugh. Jamie eventually left Wal-Mart for bigger and better things at the University of Alabama, and sadly our good friend was diagnosed as suffering from Multiple Sclerosis earlier this year.  However, should he ever decide on a career in politics, he should remember that those amateur videos are still around!

Biography by:  Tim McCravy